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Mark and Adam

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The Sherrills have had a busy year including a new kitchen (Tim and his dad), a trip to London (Jenny), the “train museum” (the boys), work, trips, toys, and a whole lot more…


Tim is still at Beckman-Coulter (almost 13 years) and is in a management role working with developers. He doesn’t get to do as much actual computer work as he’d like, so he supplements that with web development and assistance at home. And putting together a computer or two for us. And setting up the computer to record important stuff like football.  


Jenny is still at Conner Prairie a few days a month, stays home with the boys, and keeps herself from going completely crazy with sewing historical clothing. This year she took on projects sewing for other people, including a commission to sew an 1857 dress of silk for a museum in Bloomington (Ind.). It was a lot of work, but has been fun for her to try new patterns and different dresses. (She did make a new dress for herself, too.)


Mark turned 4 in September and has really grown into quite a boy. He still loves trucks, tractors, trains, and construction equipment, and spends most of his time playing with that sort of toy. He loves making his trucks and cars and trains interact with each other, and sometimes we think he’s got trouble, but it’s actually his toys working out a problem.


Adam turned 2 in August, and with his birthday came his vocabulary. He talks all the time about everything (can’t figure out where he got that) and loves to pretend – he has quite an imagination! He likes all the same toys that Mark likes (which creates conflict from time to time) and is learning to share and take turns.


Both boys are in school this fall; Mark goes to the 3’s class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Adam is in Parents’ Day Out on Tuesday mornings. They love being in school, and are learning a lot of great things… who knew Mark could cut with scissors? Who knew Adam could count to 12? They have lots of friends in their class and talk about them a lot, though to hear them tell it, they never actually “do” anything at school.


We’re still involved at Bethel Lutheran -- Tim has been busy on church council and still attends Saturday morning men’s Bible study with the boys; Jenny is now leading a moms’ Bible study once a week and teaching seventh-grade confirmation classes.


Our families are well, too. This year Jenny got to visit brother David and his wife Amanda in London for 10 days, and in October, we all made the trip to South Dakota and Minnesota to visit Tim’s family and celebrate his Aunt Estee’s marriage to Arne Krueger. Jenny’s brother Brian hosted everyone for Thanksgiving at his family’s new home in Ohio. And, our family and Brian’s were joined by the Vinson grandparents at Lakeside, Ohio, in June for Brian’s annual church Conference and our annual vacation.


It’s been a wonderful year. We hope to hear from you in the coming months; be sure to come see some photos. If you’re interested, Jenny has a blog that often has stories of the boys and other family stuff.



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