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What a year! The Sherrills have managed to keep ourselves busy and out of trouble – for the most part! – and have another year to our credit.


Mark spent this year going from baby to boy. He’s turned into such a character, which shouldn’t surprise us a whole lot. He loves music, dancing, playing, going outside, reading books… He’s a very cool kid! He loves to talk and has a pile of words, including dog, cat, duck, truck, book, look, pig, bath, but he prefers to use the multi-purpose word “duck” to mean them all. We’ve even caught him saying “banana,” “juice,” and, most recently “grandma” – that said to Jenny’s almost-96-year-old Grandma Skelly this week. That didn’t earn him any extra points, did it?


Tim has kept busy at Beckman-Coulter with a promotion, new job title – Product Development Manager – and new responsibilities. He’s had several chances to travel for work, including several trips to California and a whirlwind European tour that comprised four countries in a week. A highlight of that trip was that they did stop in England, and he got to spend an evening with Jenny’s brother David and his wife Amanda. Tim has also been busy with some web design and support projects on the side, as well as keeping this house running. We’re finally almost finished with the upstairs bathroom and have a handful of projects in mind for when the Sherrills come to visit between Christmas and New Year’s!


Jenny still works part-time at Conner Prairie, though with the addition of Mark to the household, she’s also full-time at home, which boiled down to 3-4 days a month at Conner Prairie. She did find time to go to Wednesday night sewing group with her friends at the museum and constructed her best clothing work ever, a 2-piece silk basque jacket and bustle skirt that look suspiciously like someone’s drapes threw up on it, and which won the “Best in Show” and three days’ “People’s Choice” awards at the annual Country Fair at the museum. She also made an adorable outfit for Mark, who was able to come to the 1886 Agricultural Society Fair for two days.


We made several trips to Kentucky to visit the Vinson grandparents, and in the summer drove out to South Dakota to visit the Sherrill grandparents as well. It could have been a challenge, but Mark took all those hours in the car seat like a trouper. It was nice to visit with other friends en route as well. Jenny’s brother Brian and his wife Tara and son Jonathan moved to northwestern Ohio in June, and after several attempts, we got to visit them at the end of November. Also in November, the Vinson family got together for our holiday celebration while David and Amanda were here from London. Mark had a great time getting to know both sides of his family this year.


We have continued to be active with our Pathfinders group at church, and though our close friends Brian and Kim (and our godson Chase) moved to southern Indiana, our group added three new members when other dear friends Shawn and Linda gave birth to Anna, Noah, and Elijah in November.


We hope this Christmas season finds all of our loved ones healthy and happy, filled with contentment and joy.



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